Overview of Services

Added Value Services cares about quality.

I will help you establish a strong and effective Quality Management System and maintain consistency in service delivery.

Your internal audits are one of the most important pillars of your ISO and/or OHSAS initiative.  To be successful, you need to have a strong, effective internal audit process.  Let me help you define and sustain your processes.

Audit Preparation: scheduling, audit packages, ISO and/or OHSAS clauses, records required, and documents to review during the audit.

Performing the audit: process approach, input and outputs, audit trails, gathering evidences, identifying strengths, identifying opportunities for improvement, identifying non conformances, corrective actions, root cause analysis, and verification of effectiveness.

Sharing Results: review of audit results with team members, metrics reporting during Management Reviews and other venues.

ISO and OHSAS requires that you develop and maintain specific procedures and records. Let me assist you with fulfilling the requirements.