Customer Testimonials


Managing 3 FORTUNE 50 organizations I have experience with many different registration organizations.  I have experienced audits by customers, contracted auditors, and an audit by registrars.  I state without reservation that this was the most valuable audit experience I have ever had.  Ms. Sylvie Harvey is the role model for an auditor.  The interest that she demonstrated in not only pointing out our weaknesses (most auditor are fairly good at this) but more importantly, from my perspective, focusing on assuring that we have a good path forward to improving not only compliance, but our ability to delight our customers.  Ms. Harvey is an exceptionally thorough and fine auditor. Sylvie Harvey is a wonderful auditor and has an extensive knowledge of ISO 9001. Sylvie is a fantastic auditor.  She brings experience, skills, and understands how ISO applies to our business. Sylvie was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We appreciate Sylvie's professionalism and expertise. She truly cares about helping clients improve their processes n - not just completing the audit cycle.

I have known Sylvie Harvey for 3 years during which time she has served as lead auditor. Sylvie brings not only her extensive knowledge and experience but also her passion for the true value of ISO. She has taught us that while merely complying with ISO requirements may allow a company to display the registration, the true value of pursuing ISO registration lies in the journey of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence. Sylvie has taught us the value of leveraging the power of continuous improvement to excel. We have found her to be strict but fair auditor – always drawing us towards the ultimate goal of improving, improving, and improving. Asking "why" not 5 times but as many times as it takes to find the answers that will improve the outcome. Her tireless approach to the audit is inspiring and contagious. I personally have grown as a QMS Manager by my association with Sylvie. CPI as a whole appreciates the time and effort Sylvie puts into not only the preparation for an audit but also in providing meaningful feedback.


I wanted to express my gratitude for your professionalism and very valuable help over this audit.  We are moving forward in many directions and your insights and guidance have made a terrific contribution.


I just wanted to thank you for performing such a wonderful audit. I truly enjoyed spending time with you and learning more about the audit process. I think that everyone agrees that you made the recertification process as smooth as possible. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Thanks for your thorough audit.  I look forward to working with you again next year.


Thank you very much for making today's "Management Responsibility" presentation a success! I've received quite a number of affirmative reactions to your presentation and believe you maintained everyone's interest with the real-life experiences mixed in.


I very much appreciated the audit session. Thank you for your thoroughness.  We've already made some modifications to our documents. 


Thank you very much for your help.  We could not have done it as fast as we did without your guidance and support. 


The audit went very well. Very easy. Thank you for all of your help.


Overall there were plenty of things that would have been a problem had you not come in to help us but the effort contributed to our improved results on the actual audit. A lot of these changes I truly believe will help the company going forward in more than just maintaining a certification.

I happily endorse you as the Auditor, in my numerous experiences, with the keenest sense of what is consequential and what the client needs to do to have the most beneficial impact on improving their systems and more consistently delighting their customer. Thanks for being a stalwart beacon on our Quality journey!